I feel some radiation when I walk into certain stores now.

The days I can get away and chill in the forest for a few hours with no tech allows me to have some good sleep that coming night.

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i understand. It's why i rarely enter any store - just ~ once a week a small local food market - but even there i try to go when there aren't very many "shooters" nearby, so the radiation isn't so bad.

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EMFs affect us all on the level of our DNA, and biosphere, and are destroying the planet.

We must stand for wired solutions now.

Just because something is invisible, doesn't mean it's not affecting us.

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Awareness is key to bring change. Awareness cannot be forced. The Dutch metaphysical writer Jozef Rulof (1898-1952) wrote that the spiritual development of mankind is utterly low. (then, when he wrote it and still) but there is an awakening taking place, world wide. Hopefully it is not too late to avoid the worst scenario.

The awful situation of the present is not new. It has started centuries ago, and the American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce saw lots of catastrophes happen and he was right about the most. The worst scenario has still not happened. His view on clairvoyance is that what he could see coming we all can see coming and that human beings can become aware and change the development of that what humanity itself is causing. He wrote somewhere that he saw really an armageddon, and end of times, but he could see beyond that: this means that human beings WILL make the U-turn.

The Hopi people, one of the American indigenous peoples, speak about the Hopi Prophecy. And they saw also the internet development coming, a web, around the world. They speak about the new level in awareness, the fifth level: we are, as humanity, going from the 4th level to the 5th level. They saw the water coming and consider it as good, as a sign that things are indeed changing and part of the awakening of mankind.

We go though dark times, through all sorts of seasons, and taking winter as also a part of life, I cannot lay down and ask the Great Creator, as the indigenous peoples name their God, to take my life away and die. Something inside me does not allow me, despite the insane darkness, and madness we live in, to give up. I continue. Also with encouraging others, not to give up, and continue to write about it, share info about it.

Keep courage. Never quit. Never give up. Do what you can. Every single day. Make the best out of everything, every single day. Despite the unbelieve around: once they will wake up. Facts about diseases, illnesses, created by wireless radiation, are going to help in this.

Warn, and if people do not listen, then at least you have done what you have to do.

It takes time.

Let go, autumn says. I let go, says the tree, because I want to rest, and go through the cold of winter, my leaves cannot handle cold, but I know deep inside, that new leaves and new blossoms will come.

Trees are wise. Take a walk through the forest. Listen.

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Beautifully written Antionette!

We reside here amongst the Native Hopi tribe prophecy people.

The awakening is taking place!

Thank You so much for writing this.

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I have Arthur’s book The Invisible Rainbow the History of Electricity and Life

It all made sense to me and for so long now, I have been mentioning how driving down the highway does not yield squash bugs over the windshield anymore… Why?...I asked so many times why? And now we know why thank you Arthur for your continued fight you are on the right side of history and the rest of us must join in that fight in each and every city around this flat non-rotating earth

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Fear mr Fistenberg, this is so true.

I have a question. Is it possible for exposure to such radiation from 5G towers to cause protein misfolding in mammals? Humans included.

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Sensitivity is key. I know of folks who are extremely susceptible to these hidden energies while others are not, or don't realize it. Also, our physicality and genetics make a huge difference. One thing is undeniable: EMS is certainly a danger to life all around, and not a friend of nature. We have little idea of what they can do or will do in the near future, but if they increase the output of these 5G towers (or the next generations; 6G, etc), we have no way to prevent the damage or protect ourselves from their causation.

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I believe there is a connection between what we are putting into our bodies, on our bodies and even our between bodies that directly (or indirectly) serves as conduit to the EMS, and therefore, we may very well have more control over the damage to ourselves than we realize and exercise.

Processed wheat

Pasteurized milk


Peanut butter

Fake foods such as the new “chicken.”

Glyphosate and GMOs

No coincidence here, that the mainstays of the typical American diet links us to the EMS,

These signals create hot spots where there is inflammation to begin with therefore reducing inflammation in a world that promotes and induces it, is key.

It’s possible we can find areas in and around our homes that are weak wifi spaces, huddle there and bundle up in materials to buffer the signals. It’s not a fallout shelter but it’s a good start?

The sun we see is not the real sun, that’s a problem right there.

The weather is largely manipulated.

Of course the works is dying, they/ we are destroying it.

The real irony is that they are destroying it using SDGs to do it.

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what are SDGs? Sustainable Development Goals?

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The Fog of Mordor

that creeps over the land

Comes with the "Precious"

you hold in your hand.

Remember Tolkein's lord of the rings?


" . . . under the westward mountains Mordor was a dying land, but it was not yet dead. And here things still grew, harsh, twisted, bitter, struggling for life."

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Thank you Arthur, and your line is key: "The ability to use them [cellphones] no matter how infrequently, requires the entire planet to be irradiated." And every dime we give to the telecoms only increases the strength of the net they have woven around us and the entire planet. Why support those who are poisoning us all?

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Arthur, somehow your analogy resonates with people better than most explanations - even with me, though I've been feeling the guns for years. So i guess cellphones are really RAY GUNS, though rather than uni-directional firing, they fire omni-directionally. I sent it to a new friend, she wrote back "Wow! is all I can say…I forwarded it to three receptive people."

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